Meet the Team

Tim Behling

Meet the Founder

Tim Behling is a millennial leader whose passion for creation has led him to develop community outreach programs & initiatives through SUCCESSTEAM & extracurricular volunteerism.


SUCCESSTEAM is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization specializing in Educational Youth Development, which he founded in 2015, to enhance and expose community youth to the limitless opportunities life has to offer.

Community Engagement Committee

Katherine Lamar​

Samantha Booker​

Gail Wilkinson​

Dominique Bond​

Cameron Williams​

Stacey Waugh

Dr. Austrai Bradley​

Jesse Jackson​

Bianca Bradley

Ayanna Brown​

Cassie Torres

Caleb Smith

Mae Carrol

Denise Fleming

Enhancement and Exposure Committee

Bryannna Sims

Cer'Princeton Harden

Terrence Tucker

Tre Smith

Ohavia Phillips

AJ Richard

Brittney Cladwell

Dominic Brown

Courtney Turner