Gail Wilkinson

Outdoor girl, mother, grandmother, reader, teacher, activist, water lover, animal lover (…especially big dogs), gardener, thinker & lifelong learner – Gail Wilkinson has over 20+ years professional experience in the realm of education teaching grades 3rd – 6th with a true passion for Science & Math subjects. Ms. Wilkinson has a Bachelor’s Degree from Augusta College in Middle Grades Education & a Master’s Degree in Divergent Learning from Columbia College. Two of her greatest growth experiences on both a personal & professional level have included being an active member of a group whose focus was on improving the educational experiences for the students & teachers in her community. The first, as an ELP (Educational Leadership Partner) for the SC Aquarium, providing the opportunity to collaborate with other chosen teachers from throughout her state to create, design, & implement a curriculum to be used to supplement the goals of the SC Aquarium. The second, was as an active member of the SC State Cognitive Coaching Initiative for Math & Science providing her the training to share with teachers more effective strategies to address the diverse needs of students within our communities, as they learn practical & lifelong math & science skills to aid them throughout their lives.
Most folks would be surprised to find that Ms. Wilkinson also LOVES creating things…whether it be curtains or clothing, wood products or glass creations.
She looks forward to being a team member of such outstanding efforts to make a difference in the youth of our community…our state…our country…& therefore our world.