Dominique Bond

Dominique Bond is the founder/CEO of Ace Ambition, whose commitment is towards helping youth learn how to create their own opportunities and monetize their ideas. The visionary is renowned for his inspiring energetic and transformative style which is structured to help frustrated and confused people understand what steps they need to take to be successful in their journey. Bond’s knowledge and wisdom reflects in his ability to help people identify mental barriers, so they move with a purpose in their purpose, helps people understand and identify their mission and passion, help people identify and verbalize their gifts, help people develop and implement organizational skills to execute their project goals. The personal development strategist has also demonstrated superior commitment to helping others follow their dreams by assisting them in with resourceful material titled “Executing Your Vision: 5 Effective Steps to Help You Execute Your Vision”. Readers will discover effective steps to implement that which will motivate and inspire them to execute their vision. His ability to help create and develop potentials has earned him laurels such as the Outstanding Change Maker Award – For his Unyielding dedication to the betterment of youth across the CSRA by way of his organization as well as recognition as a 2016 “Mover” in the CSRA.